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Treating Your Favorite Kitchen Gadgets Right – The Microwave and Coffee Maker

Treating Your Favorite Kitchen Gadgets Right – The Microwave and Coffee Maker

Reheating your pizza from last night? Hungover and need your morning cuppa? We depend on our kitchen gadgets to get us through the day. They add so much value to our lives by doing so little, it’s only fair we return the favor, isn’t it?

Our microwaves and coffee machines are probably the most used gadgets in our kitchen and yet how often do we actually clean them? Aside from germ build up and cross contamination occurring from everyday use, food can start to heat unevenly or your coffee could taste stale. How do we prevent that, you ask? Read on to know more.

Getting the Best Out of Your Microwave

The microwave is a breeding ground for germs. It’s hot, moist and in a confined space, causing bacteria to keep breeding unless we clean it. When it comes to the microwave, it’s steam, usually mixed with other ingredients that gets the dry food bits to loosen up or get rid of that ‘microwave popcorn’ smell that just won’t go.  

One tip we suggest is heating equal parts vinegar and water in a microwave safe bowl for 2 to 5 minutes to steam the inside. Then a good scrub should get the splatter right off and even give the microwave a squeaky-clean smell. 

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Tackling the Coffee Maker

What’s more important than having a steaming cup of coffee every morning to help you get out of bed? Considering how much love we have for this appliance, do we really clean it properly? Or enough?

Not cleaning your coffee maker can affect your coffee. The minerals in water and oils in the grounds can build up inside the pot changing the taste of your coffee in a matter of days. Keeping filters in too long or not giving it a good rinse once a while can have your coffee tasting stale.

We suggest mixing 1/3rd parts vinegar to 2/3rd parts water, pour the mixture into your carafe and then put the maker on. 

Next, put it on for a clean cycle and if there isn’t one, half a normal cycle. Let it sit for 30-60 minutes. Finally, scrub the carafe and pot with dish soap to have it smelling fresh and clean.

Final tip — Make sure to run the coffee machine again with plain water at least 2-3 times to make sure all the vinegar solution is completely gone. And there you go, good as new.

While we can get pretty lazy with these kitchen gadgets from time to time, keeping them clean is what will keep them working efficiently, longer. 

We recommend deep cleaning your microwave once a week and your coffee maker once every three months to ensure good tasting food and coffee at all times. It is these appliances that have the biggest pay off in our lives so we must definitely treat them right!

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