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Scrub Your BBQ Grill Clean With These Hacks!

Scrub Your BBQ Grill Clean With These Hacks!

We all love our weekend cookouts and grills, but no one loves cleaning up after. To make sure your patty is always cooked to perfection, you need to also make sure that your BBQ grill is as clean as can be. We’ve compiled a list of cleaning hacks for you to make the job easier!

Steam Clean Your BBQ Grill

Once you’re done using the BBQ grill, let it cool down for a bit. While it’s still warm, cover the grill with water-soaked newspaper and shut the lid to let it steam for 30 minutes. This will steam clean the grill and you can get rid of the excess grease and food remnants easily with this cleaning hack.

Scrub Your BBQ Grill Clean With These Hacks! | Hyper Lychee

Scrub the Grime Off the Grill

No, you can’t escape scrubbing. To get rid of all the remaining grime, use soapy water and scrub it clean with your scrubber. Make sure you get to all the nooks and crannies to get your food tasting delish the next time!

Don’t Leave It Until Later: Clean Right Away!

Don’t procrastinate with your cleaning and start the cleaning process once your BBQ grill has started to cool down. What will end up happening otherwise is all the food and grease will cool off completely and stick to your grill, making the cleaning process all the more difficult.

Your Beer Can Be More Than Just For Drinking

Cleaning with beer is another cleaning hack you can use to get the job done quickly. While your BBQ grill is still warm, pour half a bottle of beer on to it and scrub it clean with a scrubber or a wire brush, wash it down and voila! You’re done. Here are some other household items you can use to clean your grill easily.

Scrub Your BBQ Grill Clean With These Hacks! | Hyper Lychee

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It’s All About the Base

Don’t forget to clean the base of your BBQ grill. You need to remove all the ash and coal that has been collecting while you’ve been grilling. What you can do is empty it all into a bucket and pick up the leftovers with a wet kitchen towel. Wash it down after with a warm soap water solution.

Use these cleaning hacks to get your BBQ grill clean and ready for use the next time you decide to have a backyard barbecue!

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