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Work From Home and Stay Organized with These Tips

Work From Home and Stay Organized with These Tips

Work from home is the new normal for a lot of us, and it is about time we adapt. It might have seemed like a good idea to stay in bed with your laptop, snuggled in and working, but you get too comfortable, and before you know it, it’s been four hours and you just got up from an unplanned nap. 

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, which is why we’ve come up with these handy organizational tips to get you back to full productivity and a fun work area!

Assign a Designated Work From Home Area

This is a fairly basic step, but often hard to accomplish. It is absolutely necessary to keep a specific area where you just work. Nothing else. It helps boost productivity, and you can leave it when you’re taking a break or done with your day, the same way you would leave your office.

Trust us on this. It makes a huge difference.

Declutter Your Desk Area

Moving on to setting up your work desk. Just generally, as a rule of thumb, decluttering is the way to go! Most organizational tips start with decluttering and there is a good reason why. 

When you’re setting up your work from home area, you have to get rid of the excess to make your work space as clean, simple and comfortable as possible.

Work From Home and Stay Organized with These Tips | Hyper Lychee

Use Your Vertical Space

Once you have everything you need (and nothing more), it’s time to set up. You need to use all the space you have efficiently because your work from home area might just be the space around your desk. 

So when space is a constraint, what do you do? 

Level up!

Use all the wall space you have around your desk and fix shelves, baskets, whatever elements you need for storage. Get your carpenter hat on and get ready to drill some holes.

Ergonomy is Key to Work From Home Success

You need to be comfortable at your work desk, so invest in a good ergonomic chair. This will help you boost productivity and make you dread waking up and going to work (from home) a lot less.

Here are some other tips to boost your productivity while you work from home.


This is the most fun part of working from home – you are free to decorate your desk the way you want! Go crazy, and make this the work space of your dreams. Once you feel good about the place you work out of, you’ll feel more motivated to do it, and it will show.

Work From Home and Stay Organized with These Tips | Hyper Lychee

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Trying to work from home successfully is not a difficult adjustment, and these organizational tips are here to help you along.

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