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Cleaning for Thanksgiving at the Last Minute?

Cleaning for Thanksgiving at the Last Minute?

Thanksgiving weekend is almost upon us, and we are all scrambling to get the house up and ready to receive guests. Wondering how you can get started on your last minute cleaning for Thanksgiving? We have you covered.

Don’t forget COVID-19 this Thanksgiving Weekend

You might be excited to see your loved ones this Thanksgiving weekend, but remember, you still have a pandemic at hand. Keep your house prepared with spare sanitizer and masks and keep your extra hand wash handy. Just because you are celebrating this weekend does not mean you shouldn’t be careful.

Cleaning for Thanksgiving at the Last Minute? | Hyper Lychee
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Thanksgiving Cleaning Always Starts with a List!

We do love our lists, but only because they are so efficient! Create your checklist to help you get started on your cleaning for Thanksgiving so you know exactly what needs to be done and how much time it is going to take. You are going to have to do a deep cleaning of your home, and it takes time (which you don’t have a lot of). So keep that list handy and get started so you don’t miss out on anything.

Keep a Spare for Everything

Dishes. Cutlery. Hand towels. Regular bath towels. Glasses. Paper towels. Toilet paper. Everything needs a spare. Cleaning for Thanksgiving is more than just cleaning, you are preparing your home for guests. Every Thanksgiving weekend is a long one, so if you have family or friends staying over, you need to keep your home prepared. 

This is a reminder since most of us have been working from home and staying indoors because of the pandemic, so we might not be completely ready to receive guests.

Kitchen Cleaning is the Most Important Part of Cleaning for Thanksgiving

The whole point of Thanksgiving cleaning is to prepare for your Thanksgiving meal. Your kitchen needs to be freshly cleaned and ready to deal with the mess. Clean your kitchen thoroughly and make sure you have ample space in your refrigerator to store all your groceries and leftovers from your meal! 

Clean your pantry, your sink, your dishwasher, kitchen countertops, refrigerator, oven – essentially everything your hands will touch and reach out for in the kitchen. You can read our article on how to clean your kitchen like a pro for some cleaning hacks to make your job easier.

Cleaning for Thanksgiving at the Last Minute? | Hyper Lychee
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So if you are reading this with only a couple of days to get started on your Thanksgiving cleaning, fret not. It may seem like a steep slope to climb, but you can get it done. Just keep the pointers mentioned above in mind, and have a happy Thanksgiving weekend!

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