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Holiday Cleaning Cheat Sheet for a Stress-Free Hosting Experience

The season is here! After Halloween and Thanksgiving, it is officially time for some cheer. While most of us have had a harrowing experience with the COVID-19 outbreak, it doesn’t mean we’re going to stop ourselves from having a merry little year-end, does it? If you’re being safe enough and decide to play host for this festive season, we’ve created a holiday cleaning cheat sheet for you to get you through your holiday cleaning in one piece.

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Day 1-4:

Declutter your rooms one by one. Remove all the excess, keep the rest in storage. Make your home a space where multiple people can find the space to relax and enjoy. This step becomes more important if you have guests staying over!

Day 2-8:

Your holiday cleaning cheat sheet has to include deep cleaning, you cannot escape it. Divide the deep clean into segments, and attack one room per day (bathrooms need to be included!)

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Day 9 & 10:

Keep two days to clean out all your appliances and silverware. We recommend setting one full day aside to deep clean your fridge. Don’t get overwhelmed, you’re nearly at the finish line. If you feel demotivated, we have a list of handy tips to get you amped about a clean home.

1 Day Before: 

  • Change the bedding
  • Do (and put away) your laundry
  • Go shopping for essentials
  • Keep extra towels, toilet paper, kitchen towels, and sanitizer/hand wash close
  • Finish all your last minute and pending organization of your house. This includes clearing out your work desk, making sure your fridge is nice and empty, your groceries are stocked, and more
  • Don’t forget to clean your dishwasher and coffee machine!
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The Day Of:

You made it! Before your guests arrive, just do a little bit of dusting around your home, make your bed, and you’re good to go. Here is a list of areas around your house that could do with 10 minute cleaning to get you absolutely ready and prepared to be the host.

If you haven’t managed to get any of this done and are on your last leg of your holiday cleaning, we also have a list of cleaning tips to get you started on your last minute clean-up around the house. Once again, have a happy and safe holiday season!

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