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Meet Skadu

The new hand-held power scrubber that effortlessely cleans even the most stuck up grim on any surface

The lightweight ergonomic design lets you catch a comfortable hold, while the three rotating power scrubbers make scrubbing fast and fun!

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Skadu can potentially clean anything you can imagine!

Skadu comes with 6 different attachments, cover a wide range of surfaces and levels of ingrained dirt so that you can clean up super fast with no effort!

Tough Scrub Pads

This triple head attachment with opposite rotation is fastest way to scrub tough stains and grim from any surfaces.

Scratch Free Scrub-Pads

This triple head scrubber with opposite rotation is best for cleaning delicate surfaces.

Copper Scrubber

This single head attachment is powerfull scrubber that can clean oven trays and barbeque grills with no effort.

Stainless Steel Scrubber

This is most powerful scrubber that can easily scrub clean burnt food and stubborn grim with utmost ease.

Corner Brush

Scrubbing corners in your bathroom and kitchen will be easy using the attachment.

Flat Brush

The attachment is ideal for hard floors and uneven surfaces.

Bottle Brush

Scrub you bottles and glasses thoroughly right to the bottom with this 25cm bottle brush.

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Swipe to see attachments & click on it see in action

Scrubbing consumables for a whole month cost less
than the price of a single coffee!

$5 Per Month

See It Grimy? Skadu It Shiny!

Are you one of the 78.6% people who only start to clean when a surface looks dirty?
Skadu is always ready to clean any dirty surface!

Small size, big performance.

Equipped with a powerful and durable motor you can now take on tough jobs with ease

At 324gms Skadu proves a power tool can be light weight and handy

Up to 120 minutes of continous high power performance

3 Opposite rotating scrubbers so that you can scrub faster!, better!

Waterproof, no really completely waterproof!

Recycled consumables so that you can help clean up the planet while cleaning up your home.

We put Skadu to some serious test

84.9% people said Skadu has completely replaced all other manual scrubbers at home and at work

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Skadu is the simple idea anyone could have had, but we absolutely nailed the execution for you!