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Scrubbing the house clean is a tedious and time consuming task. We are here to change that!

An incredibly powerful scrubber for your everyday cleaning needs

Scrubs most surface types.


Ergonomic and Intuitive design

Lightweight and organic design.

Scrub of extremely stubborn grime in corners of your home

Scrub effortlessly in less time.


Attachments for diverse applications

Multi-functional: Brush attachment & Copper scrubber attachment.

Skadu is intelligent!

App controlled dashboard, community and store.

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Skadu In Action!

Scrub different surfaces

Great for scrubbing diverse surfaces effortlessly.

All Features


Integrated Battery System

Skadu’s battery technology is optimized to give you fade-free scrubbing for up to 90 minutes on a full charge.

Light Weight Body

Skadu weight only 250grams making it extremly easy to manoeuvre without causing strain.


Skadu’s main body is ultra-sonic welded and the front head is sealed using a gasket making it waterproof.
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Dynamic Torque Sensing

Skadu automatically senses the load from one surface to another thus optimizing performance, making sure Skadu never loses power.
Attachments Optimized

Align, Twist - Go!

The ‘Twist - Go’ System makes it incredibly easy to change attachments. Its unique design acts as a platform for future attachments as our customer’s
needs evolve.

Minimal Design Stand

The stand's drop-in design makes it easy to grab and go!

What's in the box?

Skadu Kit

1 X Skadu
1 X Triple Head (TH) Attachment
24 X TH Scrub Pads
24 X TH Scratch Free Scrub Pads
1 X Brush Attachment
1 X Bottle Brush
1 X Copper Scruber Attachment
1 X Copper Scrubber
1 X Charging Adapter
1 X Stand
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Meet our Team


Hannan Hakim

Co-founder & CEO
Industrial Designer with 8+ Years’ experience in designing over 50 products for fortune 500 clients.

Juzer Saleem

Co-founder & COO
Operations and administration expert with experience in building companies for over 10 years.

Nadine Breuer

Head of Design
Art director & brand designer with 8+ Years’ experience in designing for organizations such as the United Nations and Government of India.


What is the warranty duration on Skadu?
Skadu comes with a 1 year warranty.
Is Skadu water proof?
Yes, Skadu is 100% waterproof and submersible proof until 1.5 meters.
Are the scrub pads changeable? How long do they last?
Yes, the scrub pads are changeable, you can purchase them in packs of 6 to 12 months. A set of 3 pads can last about a week on regular use.
Where can I buy the consumables?
You can buy the consumables from the Skadu app or from our website.
Can I change the battery?
Skadu's battery last's 600-700 cycles, after which we can replace the battery for you for a small fee.
How long does Skadu take to charge? And how long does it scrub on a full charge?
Skadu takes about 4 hours to full charge and can last up to 2 hours of scrub time. Skadu can not be used while charging for safety reasons.
How is the Skadu 5X more powerful than other scrubbers?  
Skadu uses Hyper Lychee’s advanced Planetary Distribution Technology (PDT), which delivers the power of three scrubbers in one device. By enabling the scrubber disks to rotate in opposite directions, a multiplier effect is created to remove even the toughest grime with great speed – resulting in a scrubber that effortlessly works on a wide range of surface types, from kitchen tiles to grill plates and everything in between.