What are Cleaning Tablets and Why are They All the Rage Today?

Cleaning tablets are everywhere. Multi-purpose cleaning tablets. Bathroom cleaning tablets. Kitchen cleaning tablets. Eco-friendly cleaning tablets. And probably ten different types of cleaning tablets that you have never even heard of before. 

They may seem like all the rage, but there’s a reason behind their popularity.

What are cleaning tablets? What makes them so convenient?

Cleaning Tablets: What are they?

They’re pretty much what they sound like.

Cleaning tablets are water-soluble tablets that help you clean a number of different utensils, appliances and surfaces. They are fairly easy to use, and they have the same cleaning capabilities as cleaning liquids. 

How do you use cleaning tablets?

The method of use is also very easy. Follow these simple steps to use your cleaning tablets:

  • Take one cleaning tablet
  • Take one spray bottle that you use for cleaning surfaces
  • Fill the spray bottle with water
  • Add the cleaning tablet to it
  • Wait for the tablet to dissolve
  • Spray it on any surface or appliance that you want to clean

It really is as simple as that. Now the next question that most people ask is, why are there so many types? Do I really need all the different ones?

Cleaning Tablets All You Need to Know | Hyper Lychee

Why are there so many different types of cleaning tablets?

Each tablet, even if they are from the same parent company, comes with different cleaning properties. For example, Hyper Lychee has a specific Kitchen and Utensils cleaning tablet, Multi-Surface All Purpose cleaning tablet, and Bathroom Cleaning tablets

Sure, you can use one tablet for all your cleaning needs, but each type of tablet is designed to meet their specific requirements. You probably don’t need the cleaning liquid you use to clean your wooden table to be as tough as your bathroom cleaner. Using the bathroom cleaner for your table might actually damage your table, and vice versa (using the table cleaner for your bathroom) might not be effective. The chemical composition of each type is different, which is what makes them effective in the specific requirements they are supposed to work in.

Cleaning Tablets: Are they all environmentally friendly?

Cleaning tablets by default are more sustainable than using cleaning liquids because they come with more sustainable usage. You do not have to buy refill packs or new bottles every time you run out. They require minimal packaging and all you need is a spray bottle and you can use them for as long as the bottle lasts (and if it’s plastic, it might even last longer than humanity).

But this does not make them environmentally friendly. Most cleaning tablets are manufactured with artificial cleaning substances. If you are looking for environmentally friendly cleaning tablets, then you should look at the list of ingredients and components involved in making them. They should be completely biodegradable and made with plant-based or natural ingredients.

Cleaning Tablets All You Need to Know | Hyper Lychee

Now to answer the final question:

Why are Cleaning Tablets So Popular?

There are three main reasons for this:

Cleaning Tablets Create Less Waste

Like we mentioned before, there is less creation of single use plastic when you opt for cleaning tablets. You can use glass spray bottles or simply reuse the plastic ones you have stored at home. It helps you help the environment with no added effort.

Cleaning Tablets are More Convenient to Use

The simple methods of use eliminate any chances of error when it comes to cleaning. The cleaning process gets even more simplified if you add additional cleaning tools to help you, like power scrubbers (like Skadu) and reusable wipes. It takes the effort and headache out of cleaning. They also work better with hard water to remove stains than the cleaning liquids and are less grainy when compared to the soaps.

Cleaning Tablets are Easier to Store

Since cleaning tablets are really small in size, it becomes easy to store them safely. You can buy them all at once in bulk and you can have the year’s supply stocked in less space than it would take to store two or three bottles of cleaning liquid.