How Do You Clean Your Bathroom with an Electric Power Scrubber?

Your bathroom is one of the most used and often the most overlooked places around your house. Sure, you use it multiple times a day, but you don’t end up cleaning it as often as you should. Don’t worry, it’s not an attack, we’re all guilty of it. There’s just so much that needs to be done to keep it clean, right? It can be a hassle to do it all, all the time, every time. 

But that does not make it any less necessary. You should ideally clean your bathroom at least once a week to avoid too much build up of dirt, grime, and bad bacteria. It can be a breeding ground for multiple diseases, and nobody wants that in their house. 

So, what you can do is make your life easier when you clean your bathroom by using an electric power scrubber. Skadu comes with multiple attachments and brushes that can be used to clean various surfaces and areas around your home, including your bathroom. Electric power scrubbers with a powerful motor also reduce the strain you put on yourself while cleaning and they reduce the time it takes to clean as well. 

How do you use a power scrubber like Skadu to make your life a lot easier every time you have to clean your bathroom?

Cleaning Your Bathroom with Skadu: All You Need to Know

The first step is understanding what all areas and surfaces you need to clean before you start. The simple answer is, well, everything. But what does everything include?

Everything that needs cleaning in your bathroom includes:

  • Bathroom tiles
  • Bathroom sink
  • All the taps
  • Bathroom floors
  • Door handles in your bathroom
  • Shower/bathtub drain
  • Bathtub
  • Any closet or shelving unit you have along with its doors and handles
  • Your bathroom mirror

That's a lot of cleaning to do every week, right?

Don’t worry, just read along to find out how you can use Skadu to get your bathroom cleaning done quickly, effortlessly and efficiently.

Hyper Lychee also offers cleaning tablets specifically designed for bathroom cleaning. All you have to do is: 

  • Take a spray bottle that you use for cleaning
  • Fill it with water
  • Add the bathroom cleaning tablet
  • Wait for it to dissolve

And your powerful bathroom cleaning solution is ready! Now, let’s get back to how you can use Skadu to clean your bathroom:

Cleaning your bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles require heavy duty scrubbing, and not just the ones you have on your bathroom floor. You can use the bristle brush to help you get to the grime that is stuck in the hard to reach surfaces. That way, you do not end up breaking your back trying to clean.

 Bathroom cleaning with power scrubber Skadu | Hyper Lychee

Cleaning your bathroom sink

Your bathroom sink can be cleaned easily with Skadu’s tough scrubbing pads to get to all the built up dirt and grime in your sink easily. You can also use the same attachment to clean the taps in your sink, but if they have additional curves and edges, you can try the corner bristle brush that has been designed to clean such surfaces with ease. 

Cleaning your bathroom floors

The tiled surfaces on your bathroom floors can also be cleaned the same way you clean your bathroom tiles. Or you can use the tough scrubbing pads to clean your floors as well, depending on how uneven your bathroom tile surfaces are. 

Cleaning your bathtub or shower

Ideally, a tough scrubbing pad would do the cleaning for you if you are cleaning your bathtub. If you have a separate showering unit, you can clean the class walls with the mild scrubbing pad that comes with the Skadu power scrubber, and use the bristle brush to clean the tiled floors. When it comes to cleaning the shower or bathtub drain, it is best to go with the hard bristle brush to get to all the crevices where the grime can get stuck.

Cleaning your door handles, shelving units, and other storage spaces

Don’t forget to clean these! You touch those surfaces every time you use your bathroom, which means there is obviously a lot of build up of dirt, grime and harmful bacteria around these areas. Depending on what your handles and surfaces are made of, you can use the appropriate attachment to clean the specific region. For example, a mild scrubber brush can work well for shelves made of glass because it won’t scratch the area. 

 Bathroom cleaning with power scrubber Skadu | Hyper Lychee

Cleaning your bathroom mirror

Your mirror by far is the easiest surface to clean in your bathroom, but don’t forget to clean it! All you have to do is spray some diluted disinfectant or soap solution and use reusable wipes to wipe the area clean. 

Additional tips for when you clean your bathroom:

Always remember to remove all the accessories and tools you have in your bathroom before you start cleaning so you can get the job done thoroughly. Also, you should always start cleaning from the top! Clean the mirror, shelves, and bathroom walls before you clean your bathroom floor because all the grime from the top will land up on the floor eventually. So save yourself the trouble of cleaning the same surface twice and finish it all in one go.