The Best Power Scrubbers of 2022 for Your Home

Scrubbing is a part of your daily life. You scrub your bodies clean, you scrub your kitchen utensils clean, you scrub your bathroom, sink, kitchen clean… It seems like half of your life kind of just goes into scrubbing things clean, doesn’t it?

Well, thanks to consumer technology, it’s not as much of a hassle as it used to be. Power scrubbers have come to save days of your lives so that you can focus on doing other things that you actually enjoy doing instead of spending hours everyday cleaning.

There are a lot of power scrubbers in the market today, but you need to choose the right one for you. How do you go about selecting the perfect electric scrubber for yourself?

Let’s find out.

best power scrubber skadu | Hyper Lychee

How to Choose the Right Power Scrubber for your Home

The first thing you need to see is what all you’re going to need to use the scrubber for. Getting a kitchen scrubber if you mainly eat outside won’t be of much help when you’re trying to use it to scrub your bathroom grout. So, the purpose of the scrubber should be your first thing to keep in mind. 

The second is - how heavy can you lift? A lot of the heavy duty power scrubbers are very effective, but they are also heavy to hold. If you have any bone health issues like arthritis, osteoporosis, or any old injuries that may act up, you want to select a lightweight power scrubber to meet your needs.

The third point you should consider while choosing your power scrubber is the run time of the electric scrubber itself. If you’re looking for a kitchen scrubber, for example, you might want a power scrubber that lasts longer so that you do not have to put it to charge every time you are done doing the dishes. 

best power scrubber skadu | Hyper Lychee

What are the attachments you want your power scrubber to have? What do you need to clean with the power scrubber? Is it just for kitchen use or do you need it to work as a bathtub scrubber or shower scrubber too? The attachments for all your requirements might be different, so look at the attachments and brushes that your power scrubber comes with before you choose one.

Now that you know how to select your power scrubber for your home, let’s look at what the best options available in the market are. 

Top 5 Power Scrubbers in 2022

Skadu by Hyper Lychee

Skadu offers multiple brushes, attachments, and accessories, based on your requirements. It comes with a powerful motor that minimizes the strain you put on your arms while cleaning. It is a multi-surface power scrubber that can clean the grime, grout and dirt out of any spot around your house. At the highest level, Skadu comes with three different attachments, 20 brushes and reusable pads to create a single solution for all your cleaning needs. 

best power scrubber skadu | Hyper Lychee

All-Purpose Drill Brush Cleaner with 8 Brush Attachments by Holikme

The Holikme drill comes with 8 different brushes and scouring pads to help you clean the grout out of multiple surfaces. It is a complete household cleaning solution that can help you clean bathrooms, tiles, multiple surfaces and kitchen appliances. The power scrubber is ideal for intensive cleaning, but it becomes a tad bit too heavy to be used everyday.

BLACK+DECKER Power Scrubber Brush (PKS160)

The Black+Decker power scrubber offers guaranteed results solely because of how trusted the brand is. It’s a hand-held battery operated cordless scrubber that is ideal for cleaning kitchen utensils. It does not come with other attachments, nor does it have a rechargeable battery, but it works very well for cleaning dishes. If you are looking for a kitchen scrubber only, then this would be the ideal choice. 

FARI Electric Spin Scrubber

The FARI electric spin scrubber offers multi-surface and multi-purpose cleaning for different areas around the house. You can use it as a bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, car cleaner, and more. It comes with seven different brushes that allow you to clean different surfaces with ease. The rechargeable battery allows for 90 minutes of uninterrupted usage, but the motor isn’t quite powerful enough, so it does require a little bit of added effort. Besides that, it’s a great tool for your household cleaning needs.

Drill Brush All-Purpose Power Scrubber

Just like the drill brush by Holikme, the Drill Brush power scrubber comes with multiple attachments that you can add to the drill to make it a multipurpose tool. It comes with three attachments, and due to its powerful motor, it is ideal for cleaning areas around your house with a lot of grout build up such as sinks, showers, drains, and tiles. But, since the motor and the tool itself is very powerful, it is not ideal for kitchen cleaning.