Bundle: 2 x Multi-Surface Cleaner + 2 x Bathroom Cleaner + 2 x Handwash Soap + 1 x Kitchen Cleaner  —$89 $112


This bundle contains our entire assortment of cleaning refill tablets.

  • Clean BATHROOM CLEANING TABLET: This is the ultimate soap-scum buster! It also helps to remove stains over time and if you use this with Skadu – You’re in for a cleaning treat! It’s great for your bathtub, shower, tiles, grouting, toilet bowl, and more.
  • MULTI-SURFACE CLEANING TABLET: Our cleaning formula works amazingly well on all types of grimy and oily surfaces, great for your kitchen surfaces, furniture, sink, cabinets, garbage cans, appliances, and pretty much any surface you want to wipe down!
  • DISH & KITCHEN CLEANING TABLET: This formulation can remove stuck-on and burnt food from surfaces with ease, it cuts through the oil grime and helps you scrub faster. With Skadu power scrubber as a tool, this is a winning combination that will make your kitchen cleaning routine a breeze! It works great on all utensils and kitchen surfaces and leaves no residue after a rinse.
  • INTELLIGENT HAND WASH SOAP: Get your family the safe, effective, moisturizing, and zero-waste hand washes. Dissolve the tablets in your dispenser with regular tap water to get 8 oz/250 ml of hand wash. The tablets are compatible with foaming soap dispensers only.


  1. Fill8oz/250ml of warm water into your foaming dispenser. Tip: Don't use boiling water!
  2. Drop in the soap tablet and let it dissolve. The magic show usually takes 20 minutes.
  3. Enjoy a moisturizing, foaming lather! Every, single, time.

Important Note:

A foaming pump dispenser is required to use Skadu soap tablets. A regular soap dispenser is not suitable.

No Parabens, No Phthalates, Non-toxic, Cruelty-free & Vegan-friendly. All ingredients are included on EPA Safer Chemical Ingredients List.

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Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 188(L) * 114mm (H)

Weight: 0.7lbs (324 grams)

Technical Specifications


Stall Torque: 25kg.cm
On-Load Torque: 12kg.cm
Rpm: 250~300


Li-ion Battery 2600 mAh
Time to charge: 210 minutes
Battery run time: 120 minutes
Rechargable up to: 700 cycles
Charger: USB 2.0


Premium ABS Plastic
POM Gears
Platinum Silicone Sleeve
Stainless Steel Stand
Nylon Scrub Pads - Recycled
Copper Scrubber
Stainless Steel Scrubber
Nylon Bristles - Brush Heads
PU Foam