Bundle: Consumable Pack | 2 SS Bristle Brush, 36 Tough + 36 Mild Scrub Pads, 5 Bottle Brushes, 5 Copper Scrubber, 5 SS Scrubbers, 2 Flat Bristle Brush, 2 Corner Bristle Brush  —$99 $166

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Get the full replacement brushes collection for just $99, this pack should last you for 6-12 months with regular use. 


SS Bristle Brush (NEW) - 2 Units

Flat Bristle Brush - 2 Units

Corner Bristle Brush - 2 Units

Bottle Brush - 5 Units

Copper Scrubber - 5 Units

SS Scrubber - 5 Units

Tough Scrub Pads - 36 Units

Mild Scrub Pads - 36 Units

Tough Scrub Pads (Green)

The Tough Scrubbing Pads are designed to eliminate all effort going into washing your dishes. All you have to do is attach them, twist, and go!

The attachable Tough Scrub Pads for the Skadu power scrubber can be used to scrub a number of kitchen surfaces and utensils. Effective for scrubbing dishes, stainless steel utensils and the kitchen sink, iron skillets, pots and pans, and more. Ideal for heavy-duty cleaning of flat surfaces or surfaces that are curved up to 2 degrees. Removes stubborn grime and dirt off surfaces. 

The power scrubber with the tough scrub pads can also be used to scrub shower stalls, bathtubs, bathroom sinks, garage equipment, grills, oven racks, and other household appliances as well. The tough scrub pads can also be used to scrub tough dirt and grime off concrete and can remove grime from tools. 

Can be used to scrub dirt and grime off the floor and patio furniture. Used to clean and gardening equipment. Works best for non-coated cooking appliances.

Tough scrubbing pads, especially with the power scrubber, are abrasive and can cause scratches to the surface. Only use on surfaces that can withstand the pressure and/or can work with scratches. Avoid delicate scratch-prone surfaces such as glassware, coated cookware, stainless steel appliances, and soft composite surfaces.

  • Can clean a large number of kitchen utensils and surfaces.
  • Removes stubborn dirt and grime.
  • Can be used as a bathroom scrubber, shower scrubber, or bathtub scrubber.
  • Can clean all non-coated cooking appliances.

Mild Scrub Pads:

Clean glass surfaces and delicate appliances effectively and effortlessly using our power scrubber and Mild Scrub Pads. You will always find glossy surfaces wherever the power scrubber has been around.

Scratch-free or mild scrub pads scrub multiple appliances around the house and kitchen without any scratches. Effective for scrubbing dishes, glass utensils, and various delicate surfaces.

The power scrubber with this attachment can be used to scrub mirrors, glass doors, windows, and cleaning refrigerators, microwaves, and more. It is ideal for use on coated cooking equipment, non-stick cookware, and delicate tableware.

Other uses for the power scrubber include scrubbing hard water scaling from bathroom fittings, cleaning fabric to remove dirt and grime.

  • Effective for scrubbing everyday dishes and appliances around the house.
  • Scrub clean glass surfaces effectively without damaging the surface.
  • Ideal for cleaning coated cookware.

Test a patch of a surface that you are cleaning if it is fabric or wood before you start scrubbing. Avoid scrubbing on surfaces that affect the surface area negatively.

Bottle Brush: 

The Bottle Brush attachment for the power scrubber helps you reach the base of all your bottles easily, something most scrubbers cannot do. You can get rid of 100% of the grime and scrub off all the build-up of all containers up to 25 cm.

The bottle brush attachment for Skadu power scrubber is the ideal addition to your kitchen scrubber. It can be used for cleaning bottles made out of multiple materials due to its sponge brush head. You can clean glass bottles, copper bottles, plastic containers, glasses, mugs, and more with ease.

Avoid using bottle brushes on surfaces that are not mentioned in the use case. The durable brush bristles might get damaged with repeated contact with other surfaces, and it will reduce its longevity. Keep brush safely in order to avoid damage to the bristles. 

  • Durable bottle brush bristles to ease the effort of scrubbing bottles clean effectively.
  • Can be used for scrubbing bottles up to 25 cm, drinking glasses, jars, and stemware.
  • Can be used to scrub baby feeding bottles and spoons.
  • Can be used to scrub uncoated cookware, delicate dishes, and glassware.

Copper Scrubber: Can scrub tough to remove grime and residue from delicate and strong surfaces such as appliances and glass. It works amazingly on kitchen countertops and the kitchen sink as well!

The copper scrubber attachment for the Skadu power scrubber is ideal for any kind of scrubbing that requires a heavy-duty application. It removes built-up layers and coats of grime easily.

The copper scrubber, combined with the Skadu power scrubber's powerful motor, can be used to scrub various kitchen appliances and utensils such as skillets, iron pots and pans, ceramic cooktops, and grills, grilling equipment, stainless steel sinks, and copper utensils. It can also scrub ovens and baking equipment such as molds, baking dishes, trays, etc. Ideal for scrubbing stove burners, broiler pans and equipment, oven racks, and glassware that will not get scratched easily.

Other applications for the copper scrubber include scrubbing door and window grills, garage doors, or objects made out of anodized aluminum.

Copper scrubbers are abrasive and can cause scratches to the surface. Use it on surfaces that can withstand the force and pressure of the copper scrubbers and can work with scratches. Ideal for hard surfaces and appliances with stains that are difficult to remove. Test on a small surface before you start scrubbing the entire surface area.

  • Removes built-up grime from ovens, cast iron skillets, baking equipment, grilling equipment, and more.
  • Can clean copper utensils, stainless steel sinks, stove burners, and more.
  • Can clean window grills, garage doors, and objects made out of anodized aluminum.

Pack Contains 

  1. Tough Scrub Pads (54)
  2. Mild Scrub Pads (54)
  3. Bottle Brush (5)
  4. Copper Scrubber (5) 

Flat Bristle Brush - Hard

Skadu’s heavy-duty Flat Bristle Brush helps you take out all the grime and build-up from rough surfaces. Cut through multiple layers and clean hard surfaces with ease. It is a great addition to Skadu's multi-purpose cleaning tool.

Flat Brushes that come with the Skadu power scrubber scrub uneven surfaces and surfaces and objects with ridges effectively. Can be used to scrub textured tiles, walls, and other surfaces. It can also be used to scrub uneven furniture surfaces. The flat bristle brush attachment for cleaning removes built-up dirt and grime from bumpy surfaces that have protruding areas such as tools with screws jutting out, door handles, gas stove ridges, hooks, and other similar regions.

It can also be used to scrub pots and pans that need heavy-duty brush scrubbing. 

For other household cleaning purposes, the multipurpose cleaning tool with the flat brush attachment can be used to remove built-up dirt and debris from vents and netted coverings. It scrubs and cleans hard-to-reach areas such as stands or holders on objects and appliances like the fridge, tables and chairs, and other furniture. Can scrub clean sheds and roof tiles evenly. The flat brush bristles can remove built-up dirt and grime from tough carpets made out of fabric like jute, and rugs.

The flat brush attachment that comes with the Skadu power scrubber can also be used to remove dirt and grime from the outer soles of shoes, scrub door hinges and handles, outdoor and camping equipment, and gear such as tents, rods, sleeping bags, and more.

It is also ideal for scrubbing bathroom sinks, bathtubs, shower drains, and bathroom cabinets.

  • Clean household equipment effectively
  • Scrub grout and grime out of uneven surfaces
  • Clean outdoor equipment and gear easily
  • Use for heavy-duty cleaning purposes

Corner Bristle Brush - Hard

Clean all the hard-to-reach surfaces easily with Skadu’s Corner Bristle Brush attachment. It reaches all the tough spots and the hard bristle gives you a hassle-free deep cleaning experience every time you use it.

The corner bristle brush is effective for scrubbing hard-to-reach spots around the corners of appliances and furniture. The Skadu power scrubber's attachment can be used for scrubbing surfaces with nooks, crevices, and ridges around the house. The corner bristle brush also scrubs the uneven surfaces thoroughly around the bathroom sink, bathtub, shower drain, toilet, and kitchen sink.

Other household equipment and appliances that the power scrubber's corner bristle brush is ideal for include scrubbing shelves, edges, and corners of furniture, as well as scrubbing grills, BBQ equipment, and pots and pans that have uneven surfaces such as the wok, saucepans, and trays. 

  • Clean uneven surfaces
  • Clean corners around your home
  • Clean heavy-duty and uneven utensils and kitchen equipment

Tough scrubbing bristles are abrasive and can cause scratches to the surface. Only use on surfaces that can withstand the pressure and/or can work with scratches. Avoid delicate scratch-prone surfaces such as glassware. Test on a small patch of the surface if you are scrubbing fabric before use on a larger area to see if the fabric can withstand the force of the brush.


The stainless steel scrubber 
Ideal for oily surfaces. Clean multiple utensils and appliances effortlessly, without the harshness of a copper scrubber!

The stainless steel scrubber attachment with the power scrubber scrubs stubborn stains and removes oil from surfaces easily. It can also be used to scrub machinery that has a tendency to collect grease. Our stainless steel scrubbers have anti-rust properties that make them extremely durable. 

They are also ideal to use with the power scrubber for large-scale usages, such as using them to scrub stainless steel utensils in hotels and restaurants to clean large pots and pans, stoves, and other stainless steel appliances such as the coffee maker, electric kettles, and more.

Also, when the stainless steel scrubber is used with the right cleaning liquid or detergent, it can remove oil effectively from metal and marble surfaces.

Stainless steel scrubbers are abrasive and can cause scratches to the surface. Use it on surfaces that can withstand the force and pressure of the stainless steel scrubber and can work with scratches. Ideal for hard surfaces and appliances with built-up dirt and grime that is difficult to remove.

  • Cleans stainless steel pots and pans effectively.
  • Can be used to remove grease from multiple metal surfaces.
  • Ideal for hard surfaces with built up grime and grout.


  • Stainless Steel Scrubber (5)

SS Bristle Brush

We are proud to launch this year's new brush head, the ultra-strong stainless steel bristle brush. 

By using this brush you will get the satisfaction of cleaning extremely tough jobs within a matter of seconds. In fact, this brush is so strong, that it even removes rust! 
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: Stainless Remove extremely difficult and stuck-on dirt within seconds, and remove burnt-on and extremely hard dirt with this brush set. SS wire brushes are ideal for removing scum build-up, paint stains, burnt food from your grills, removing corrosion, and more from around your house. You can use this on hard surfaces such as tiles, groutings, stainless steel pans, cast iron pans, etc.

    Warning: This brush is extremely strong and can scratch surfaces, do not use it on delicate surfaces like glass, brushed aluminum on appliances, etc. 

  • STAINLESS STEEL BRISTLES: Strong embedded Stainless Steel bristles for heavy-duty jobs, this will make your restoration job or deep cleaning on your hard surfaces a breeze. 

  • SKADU COMPATIBLE: This product is a Skadu accessory and will work will all generations of Skadu

  • SIZE: 60mm diameter with 15mm bristle length.

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Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 188(L) * 114mm (H)

Weight: 0.7lbs (324 grams)

Technical Specifications


Stall Torque: 25kg.cm
On-Load Torque: 12kg.cm
Rpm: 250~300


Li-ion Battery 2600 mAh
Time to charge: 210 minutes
Battery run time: 120 minutes
Rechargable up to: 700 cycles
Charger: USB 2.0


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Platinum Silicone Sleeve
Stainless Steel Stand
Nylon Scrub Pads - Recycled
Copper Scrubber
Stainless Steel Scrubber
Nylon Bristles - Brush Heads
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