Copper Scrubber | Pack of 5  —$12 $20

The Copper scrubber is ideal for stuck-on and burnt grime on surfaces. Clean multiple utensils and appliances effortlessly, without the harshness of a SS Scrubber.

The stainless steel scrubber attachment with the power scrubber scrubs stubborn stains and removes oil from surfaces easily. Our copper scrubbers are 100% pure copper.

They are also ideal to use with the power scrubber for large-scale usages, such as using them to scrubbing stainless steel utensils in hotels and restaurants to clean large pots and pans, stoves, and other stainless steel appliances such as the coffee maker, electric kettle, and more.

Also, when the copper scrubber is used with the right cleaning liquid or detergent, it can remove oil effectively from surfaces.

Copper scrubbers are abrasive and can cause scratches to the surface. Use it on surfaces that can withstand the force and pressure of the copper scrubber and can work with scratches. Ideal for hard surfaces and appliances with built-up dirt and grime that is difficult to remove.

  • Cleans stainless steel pots and pans effectively.
  • Can be used to remove grease from multiple metal surfaces.
  • Ideal for hard surfaces with built-up grime and grout.
  • Can scrub oven glass and other ceramic surfaces with mild hand pressure.


  • Copper Scrubber (5 units)

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Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 188(L) * 114mm (H)

Weight: 0.7lbs (324 grams)

Technical Specifications


Stall Torque:
On-Load Torque:
Rpm: 250~300


Li-ion Battery 2600 mAh
Time to charge: 210 minutes
Battery run time: 120 minutes
Rechargable up to: 700 cycles
Charger: USB 2.0


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