What people say & why
Skadu makes their day

What people say & why Skadu makes their day

There is no point in us telling you how good Skadu is, you have to just read the reviews and watch the videos that customers have taken in their own homes!


Skadu Reviews
  Sarah M. 18-09-2021

"Now that I have used Skadu, I can't imagine cleaning any other way. It's just so easy to use. All you have to do is push the trigger and touch it to the surface and the scrubbers remove all the stuck on grime - it works like magic"

  Mohammed J. 21-09-2021

"It's satisfying to see those three scrubbers create the cleaning pattern. I was surprised that the tiny scrub pads were able to clean my burnt pans. I would give it 5 stars if it came with polishing pads."

  Richard S. 18-09-2021

"I bought it for the kitchen but I use it a lot more in the garden and patio area. The mud splashes on my pots are not easy to clean once they dry but with this power scrubber it's just such a breeze. Also, very satisfying to watch. I wish it was available in some more colors."

  Amit M. 16-09-2021

"My garage get's all sorts of dirty, the worst is the oil leakages from all the machine tools. With the right cleaner Skadu is able to scrub it all clean. The battery lasts about one hour on a full charge, would have been great to have additional swappable batteries for cleaning marathons, looking forward to getting one more"

  Natasha K. 21-09-2021

"My favorite part is the bottle brush, I always feel like the bottom of the baby milk bottles are not clean enough but this brush attachment does a good job. I could see Skadu having a full baby bottle brush set in the future. Oh and the wipes are the cherry on the cake!"

  Marylin S. 12-09-2021

"I was the first one to test the flat brush head, the team at Hyper Lychee told me it's great for the kitchen and bathroom but I have been using it to clean stains off my carpets. All you need is a good cleaner that suits your carpet and Skadu! I can't wait to order the latest midnight blue color for my office"

  Kenneth S. 18-09-2021

"The choice of attachments that come with Skadu are great for multi-purpose cleaning. We were a little skeptical about how effective it would be for cleaning kitchen tiles, corners, and sinks, but it worked out great!"

  Susan P. 18-09-2021

"Skadu works out great for my home! The only constructive feedback I could give about Skadu is that I wish it came with storage options. It becomes a bit of a task to store each one separately, and the stand could do with added holders for multiple attachments as well"

  Connie H. 18-09-2021

"Living alone and cleaning up is a task when you’re preparing all your meals. Skadu makes it effortless to meal prep once a week. I don’t have to dread the task of cleaning up after I’m done cooking and prepping all my meals every Sunday evening"

  Jason D. 18-09-2021

"The amount of time I saved once I started using Skadu to clean up around the house is amazing. I wish it existed sooner because it’s clearly a boon for my household."

  Kenneth C. 18-10-2021

"We don’t have to dread doing our chores anymore. Skadu practically does them for us. Whoever has to be on dish duty around the house doesn’t complain as much once we received this cute little electric scrubber."

  Jim S. 18-10-2021

"It’s been a month since we switched our dish cleaning from scrubbing manually to using Skadu. Our only complaint is that we wish it was AAA battery powered or something and didn’t have to be plugged in to get charged. We keep forgetting and it’s a slight inconvenience to have to wait till it’s charged to get our chores done for the day. Otherwise the product is great! "

  Michael E. 18-10-2021

"The ergonomic and lightweight design for Skadu helps me clean way better and much faster. My wrists don’t feel tired and it doesn’t feel like I've done an extensive workout every time I have to use it to scrub my kitchen utensils"

  Blair P. 18-10-2021

"Believe it or not, we prefer using Skadu to our dishwasher. It’s so compact and easy to use! We don’t have to soak our dishes, rinse them before, remove them and put them in their place after. It’s direct - eat - skadu - and put them back where they belong"

  Tina M. 18-10-2021

"Skadu is one strong machine put in a tiny little case! The level of efficiency at which it cleans is par to none. Honest review - could not have done it any better in terms of performance. One small feedback from my end would be to make the battery lights slightly brighter or add sound to it so that we know when it needs to be charged. We tend to forget and the additional reminder would be fantastic."

  Oliver M. 18-10-2021

"The attachments that come with Skadu honestly do help with cleaning around the house. We cleaned our bikes the other day and it was so easy. We used Skadu to clean our bathroom after that. Two vastly different objects, one single product. Just wow!"

  Charles V. 18-10-2021

"BBQs are going to become a more common occurrence in our household thanks to Skadu. Cleaning up the grill after an evening of grilling is so much easier than it used to be."

  Alex C. 18-10-2021

"The use case that comes with Skadu is pretty thorough. We didn’t realise how much we could do with one scrubber that is typically used only for kitchen appliances. Cleaning around the house has truly become a lot more simplified"

  Mark H. 18-10-2021

"Skadu is super affordable, especially when you compare it to the amount of versatility it offers. I can use it to clean cupboards, sinks, cabinets, windows, bathtubs, seats, my counter, my desk, my bottles, my oven, and my regular daily-use dishes? Totally worth the price."

  Susanne B. 18-10-2021

"The attachments! The copper scrubber and the stainless steel scrubber are my favorite. I really don’t miss the level of pain it caused me to clean out my iron skillets after cooking up a steak and veggies. Or having a spill in the kitchen. Or in my oven. It’s so simple"

  Kyle C. 18-10-2021

"We recently taught our kids how to use Skadu and they look at it as a fun toy. It’s great because they don’t look at doing their dishes as a chore anymore. They made a game of it and as parents, we are so happy it exists."

  Elise M. 18-10-2021

"My wrists don’t ache anymore and I don’t feel like I’m going to get carpal tunnel every time I have to deep clean my bathroom. Scrubbing heavily usually causes a strain on my wrists but now all I have to do is hold the Skadu and let it do its job. The only way it could get easier is if it came with a tiny little robot attached. "

  Joan K. 18-10-2021

"I would love it if the product came with a list of recommended cleaners that we could use along with it. If you’re using a copper scrub to clean out a grill, or any other surface of the sort, which cleaning product would you recommend I use? It would make life a whole lot easier for people like me who are basically clueless about the large variety of cleaning products and their uses."

  Cindy B. 18-10-2021

"The battery life for Skadu is pretty great. I rarely have to charge it, it seems to last forever. These are some things that you don’t really keep in mind when you’re buying a new gadget until you start using it and you realise you’ve to charge it every time you want to use it. It’s so hassle-free."

  Caroline R. 18-10-2021

"The purchase was totally worth it. It took a lot longer than I expected for it to deliver but I can’t say I have any complaints about Skadu since. The team was approachable and resolved my shipping issues as soon as they could. Good service is hard to come by and when there’s no third party accountable like Amazon, it becomes even more difficult to get in touch with smaller product sellers like these."

  Jodi J. 18-10-2021

"There aren’t many products that are compatible with older people, and Skadu is one of the few that is. It doesn’t cause us strain to clean up, and we end up saving a lot because we don’t have to hire any help to help us maintain a clean household. Well appreciated! "

  Lisa P. 18-10-2021

"The bottle brush attachment feels like it’s a bit too big for the size of the Skadu that holds it. It makes it a bit uncomfortable to clean, but then I can’t really complain much because it does get to cleaning the bottom parts of the bottle efficiently."

  Kaylin M. 18-10-2021

"The directions to use Skadu are quite straightforward so it’s impossible for someone to get confused while using it. The best part is, it comes with a detailed use case so I don’t have to think up creative ways in which I can get the most out of my purchase."

  Robert T. 18-10-2021

"I don’t have to keep my old toothbrush aside to get to cleaning all my corners. It’s a small thing but I didn’t realise how much I hated it till I got rid of it. Skadu touches pain points I didn’t even know existed in my life and fixes them."

  Rick B. 18-10-2021

"I’m really lazy when it comes to maintaining the house and I would like to make the cleaning process as easy as possible for myself. I don’t want to live in a dirty mess but I also don’t want to put in hours everyday cleaning. Skadu solves both these problems for me. I spend way less time cleaning and get the same result. And I don’t have to spend extra to get a maid!"

  Dennis D. 18-10-2021

"We are a group of five people who share two bathrooms amongst ourselves. It gets messy. We need to scrub our shower stall clean at least once a week before it turns into a grimy mess. So far, this has been a real hassle, but Skadu has made our lives so much easier with just this one task, I can’t wait to check out all the other things I can clean with it."

  Maggie H. 18-10-2021

"The light weight of Skadu helps me clean with so much ease, now I can’t imagine cleaning with any other cleaning product. I enjoy doing the dishes now, and honestly I can’t wait to see what more this company has to offer. Kudos to Hyper Lychee! "

  Erin V. 18-10-2021

"The product is great and easy to use, but I wish it had more settings for torque. I want to be able to adjust the power I use on the product but Skadu does not seem to have that option. But overall, great ease of use for consumers everywhere."

  Henry P. 18-10-2021

"The speed at which Skadu cleans is so fast that it takes a fraction of the time and effort it used to take to get my job done. I always used to put off doing my chores until the next day and leave the dirty dishes in the sink overnight, but I’m slowly changing my habits, all thanks to Skadu."

  Erika S. 18-10-2021

"I love that Skadu comes with a rechargeable battery so I don’t have to worry about keeping stock of AA or AAA batteries every time we run out of charge. All I have to do is plug it in and let it charge on its own. The longevity of the product’s battery is fantastic as well."

  Sonny V.18-10-2021

"My only feedback for Skadu would be that I wish it came with an extendable handle. It would make reaching for high surfaces a lot easier because I wouldn’t have to use a stool to get to the corners, and wouldn’t have to strain my back as much for getting to corners around tiles and floors. But once I do make that effort, the bristle head attachments pretty much do the cleaning for me."

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Industry experts are blown
away by the simplicity

Industry experts are blown away by the simplicity

We showcased Skadu for the first time at CES 2020 in Las Vegas and the response from Industry professionals was overwhelming!

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