What people say & why
Skadu makes their day

What people say & why Skadu makes their day

There is no point in us telling you how good Skadu is, you have to just read the reviews and watch the videos that customers have taken in their own homes!


"First-ever India tech park at CES showcases six Indian innovations." Hyper Lychee Inc showcases a unique scrubbing device that helps scrub dirty and grimy surfaces at home."

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"The coolest consumer tech innovations you can find at CES 2021, In comes European Product Design Award winner Skadu, a handheld power scrubber with a unique approach to scrubbing, using three scrubber disks that rotate in opposite directions."

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"Thanks to the three integrated brushes that rotate in opposite directions, Skadu counts on a power that allows you to shorten the time to clean the oven, dishes, bottles but also cars, bikes and shoes."

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"Skadu is fantastic, this product is portable so you can take it on your camping trips and clean up your grills easily after a BBQ."

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"The idea was born after Hannan visited his uncle and aunt, who complained about the difficulties in scrubbing kitchenware clean by hand. This led the duo to develop the electric-powered scrubber"

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"Skadu offers a handheld power scrubber that is capable of “effortlessly” cleaning those stubborn and hard to get to locations thanks to its bottle washer and multiheaded scrubbing brushes"

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Skadu Reviews
  Sarah M. 18-07-2020

"Now that I have used Skadu, I can't imagine cleaning any other way. It's just so easy to use. All you have to do is push the trigger and touch it to the surface and the scrubbers remove all the stuck on grime - it works like magic"

  Mohammed J. 21-01-2021

"It's satisfying to see those three scrubbers create the cleaning pattern. I was surprised that the tiny scrub pads were able to clean my burnt pans. I would give it 5 stars if it came with polishing pads."

  Richard S. 18-02-2021

"I bought it for the kitchen but I use it a lot more in the garden and patio area. The mud splashes on my pots are not easy to clean once they dry but with this power scrubber it's just such a breeze. Also, very satisfying to watch. I wish it was available in some more colors."

  Amit M. 16-03-2021

"My garage get's all sorts of dirty, the worst is the oil leakages from all the machine tools. With the right cleaner Skadu is able to scrub it all clean. The battery lasts about one hour on a full charge, would have been great to have additional swappable batteries for cleaning marathons, looking forward to getting one more"

  Natasha K. 21-03-2021

"My favorite part is the bottle brush, I always feel like the bottom of the baby milk bottles are not clean enough but this brush attachment does a good job. I could see Skadu having a full baby bottle brush set in the future. Oh and the wipes are the cherry on the cake!"

  Marylin S. 12-04-2021

"I was the first one to test the flat brush head, the team at Hyper Lychee told me it's great for the kitchen and bathroom but I have been using it to clean stains off my carpets. All you need is a good cleaner that suits your carpet and Skadu! I can't wait to order the latest midnight blue color for my office"

Industry experts are blown
away by the simplicity

Industry experts are blown away by the simplicity

We showcased Skadu for the first time at CES 2020 in Las Vegas and the response from Industry professionals was overwhelming!

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