We are Skadu'ing
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At Hyper Lychee, we aim at solving everyday problems at home. so we wake up every day on a mission to make life more easy & fun.

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What makes us special?


At Hyper Lychee we obsess about innovation and performance. We spend 2 years engineering the product and another 2 years just optimizing it’s performance to far exceed customer expectations. When a Skadu user puts pressure on the triple head attachment on a surface and realizes that it’s scratching the surface, there is a sense of “Oops” and “wow!” We’ve provided a huge array of brush heads to help you scrub most surfaces with maximum protection and performance.


Being a team of designers we were neck deep into making this the most beautiful product in it’s category. We worked tirelessly on the aesthetics, ergonomics, colours, and textures for years before we finalized on the current model. Skadu has been awarded the best in product design by several international organizations such as the European Product Design Award & The Good Design Award.


We are a young company with a few people on deck – but we do our very best to speak to our customers and respond do their requests. Are we lightning fast in responding? Probably not but we do get back within 24-48 hours of receiving a request. As we grow our company we will also improve our speed to respond to customer requests. “I made this product for you, and if you want to speak to me there should be a faster and better way for you to get a reply. I will do my very best and will keep improving on this.” – Hannan (CEO)

Who are we?

Combine hygiene freaks with design-engineering geeks and you get us, clean & fun. As a leading engineering and design team, we work to create the best cleaning experience possible.

Juzer Saleem
Co-founder & COO

What can we say? Juzer is an operations genius, he co-founded Hyper Lychee after having built supply chains for some of the world's largest toy corporations across the world from Marvel to Disney, he has delivered more than a million packages full of happiness to his customers.

Hannan Hakim
Co-founder & CEO

The "Hyper" in Hyper Lychee is Hannan, who oversees engineering, product & design. Before co-founding Hyper lychee, he has designed some of the worlds most renowned products for organizations such as United Nations. In fact, Hannan has pioneered design approaches at the UNDP and Govt of India that are in practice even today. True story.

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