M1: Innovative 4 in 1 Wet & Dry + Handheld Vacuum Combo That Cleans & Sanitizes Your Surfaces 10x Faster!  —$0

Save time, money and effort with the all new M1 - The world´s first instantly detachable wet & dry + handheld vacuum combo that washes, vacuums, sterilizes & dries your surfaces within seconds.

The Problem

Disgusting - Uggh - Eww - Gross, are just some of the thoughts that come to our mind when we have to clean our home, right from the kitchen floor to the pet messes around the house.

You know the problem too well: sticky and grimy floors after a single cooking session, disgusting pet waste and stains all over your floors, and not to mention the non-stop requirement of mopping your floors to keep them sterilized for your loved ones. Let's not even talk about the dust building up, every single day, in every single corner.

There are several types of products on the market that help you clean this daily mess, but the steps to achieve a clean home consume far too much time, and money, and are downright frustrating.


The Old Way Of Doing Things

6 STEPS - WASTE OF TIME, MONEY & DOWNRIGHT FRUSTRATING! Correct me if I am wrong, but don't you spend AT LEAST 30 minutes per cleaning routine at home?

Meet the new Skadu - Wet & Dry Vacuum Combo that can effortlessly wash, sterilize, vacuum, and dry pretty much any surface you can imagine, within seconds! It comes with an ingenious (patented), instantly detachable cordless vacuum module that can be used as a stick or handheld vacuum for hard-to-reach areas around your furniture, in your car, your window frames, etc.