The Ultimate Clean-a-Thon for Your Home

Any type of marathon, be it running or cleaning, is bound to be exhausting. But unlike the running kind, you don't get rewarded with a medal, a certificate, or attention after you finish cleaning.

You just have a clean house. While it may not sound all that glorious, it is a lot more necessary to clean up your home than it is to run that 20k marathon. It's both necessary for good mental and physical health.

We have created a pretty extensive list of objects, places and spaces around your house for you to remember on your cleaning day. Some of these are spots and areas that people often forget to clean.

If it's deep cleaning that you are after, this list is your savior.

Let the clean-a-thon begin!

House cleaning marathon | Hyper Lychee

Light Switches 

On again off again; we’ve always had a very long term relationship with our light and fan switches and regulators. We don’t always remember to clean out our switchboards even though everybody touches them all the time. Imagine the germs! 

Bathroom Floor 

We all know our bathrooms need to be cleaned thoroughly and often. This includes all the grime we leave off our bodies on the bathroom floor. So, when you’re cleaning your bathroom, don’t forget to scrub that floor clean!

Bathroom Sink 

Another annoying part of cleaning your bathroom is getting through all the nooks and crannies of your sink. The sinkhole, the curves and edges of the sink and the tap can collect a lot of dirt and bacteria, and it is imperative you clean it out. After all, what is the point in you washing your hands perfectly if the place you wash it isn’t clean itself? 

Bathroom Tiles 

Your tiles are something you may not think about when you scrub your bathroom. They collect all the grime and bacteria too, and need to be cleaned out. Bathroom cleaning isn’t as simple as it may seem, is it? So get to work, and scrub those tiles clean!

Shower Drain 

When you wash all the dust, dirt and grime of the day off your body, where does it go? Down the drain - which means it should be cleaned regularly as well. Don’t forget to clean that too!

Kitchen Sink 

You use your kitchen sink for a variety of purposes - wash your dishes, leave the dirty ones to be washed later, clean your vegetables and meat, and so much more. People don’t generally realize how much bacteria and germs can live in their sink, which makes it even more important to clean regularly! 

House cleaning marathon | Hyper Lychee

Kitchen Appliances 

Your coffee maker, your microwave, your stove, there are a lot of appliances that you use on a daily basis, which means they need to be cleaned regularly too. Don’t be lazy and let those germs collect, clean it often!

Kitchen Counter 

Here is another unlikely kitchen cleaning space - your kitchen counter! You may think just wiping it clean may do the job after you’re done using, but germs and bacteria can still survive there, so a regular scrubbing is a must, especially in the corners of your countertop. 

Kitchen Tiles 

Your kitchen counter, sink, floor, and appliances all are now completely clean, but you might have just forgotten to clean your kitchen tiles. They get the brunt of it with oil splashes, spilled gravy, and more which is why you need to clean them every time you’re cleaning the kitchen.

Cutting Board 

Chop chop chop! You know your cutting board needs to be thoroughly cleaned. All the veggies and spices and herbs you chop, dice or slice there, and even meat at times… imagine all the bacteria you leave on it every time you use it. 


The storage space for most of your dietary needs - your refrigerator keeps it all. It collects an abundant amount of stuff over time, juices, stains, splashes and spills… especially at the bottom where everything eventually drips down to. How often do you clean your fridge? 

The right answer is not often enough. 

House cleaning marathon | Hyper Lychee

Backside of Pots and Pans 

You scrub your utensils clean with each use. Usually what we end up doing is just cleaning the surface that has all the food cooked and prepared in it. What about the rest of the area on your pots and pans though? They need to be washed and scrubbed thoroughly as well to get rid of the grime they collect. 

Surfaces Under Appliances 

Your house is clean. All your appliances have been washed thoroughly. There might be a few spots that you’ve forgotten though. What about all tiny nooks and crannies that are hard to reach around your house? What about all the spaces under your appliances? They collect dirt and grime as well. The longer you go without cleaning the worse it gets, so get to it every time you clean around your appliances. 

Trash Can 

It’s gross, we know. Your garbage bin is more often than not the most ignored place in your home. But it is in your house, and it is full of garbage which means it needs to be cleaned, and cleaned regularly! 

Food and Water Bowls for Pets 

You feed your pets at least three meals a day. The food and water bowls stay out for a while, and naturally they collect germs. It needs to be washed, scrubbed, and cleaned thoroughly - only the best for your pets, right? 

House cleaning marathon | Hyper Lychee


You can see your windows getting dirty over time, but you don’t really care about cleaning them. You draw the blinds and it isn’t your problem anymore. But they end up collecting a lot of dust and grime and they need to be washed regularly as well. 


You have cabinets all around your house that you need to clean but you always end up not doing it because you’re too tired to take all your storage out and then clean it. Or you end up missing the annoying corners and hard to reach spots. When you’re dusting and cleaning your rooms, make sure you clean your cabinets as well.

Floor Corners 

You mop and mop and mop your floors but you still end up missing some spots - especially the corners. All the dirt from your house ends up collecting in these spots. Do not forget to scrub them thoroughly as well, otherwise the dirt collected there will only spread around your freshly cleaned floors

Flower Pots 

All your plants are growing across your house, but your trays that hold the flower pots and their water get contaminated quite easily. They can get quite sticky with all the collected grime and stagnant water that is present, which is why they need to be cleaned often to keep your plant and flower pots grime-free!

Balcony Parapet 

The railings and parapet in your balcony needs to be clean too. It’s exposed to the outside world all day everyday, along with all those who use it for support whenever they are out. Can you imagine all the bacteria the surface collects on a daily basis? This is why you need to scrub it clean regularly.


You’ve been riding it around your neighborhood, your town, your local grocery store, and wherever else you may please. Your bicycle has been in contact with all the bacteria and germs from the outside world and obviously needs to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis as well.

House cleaning marathon | Hyper Lychee

This list seems like it never ends, doesn’t it?

We have a way to make cleaning all these appliances, objects, and surfaces around the house much easier. 

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