Who Can Use a Power Scrubber?

Power scrubbers can be used by anyone (except maybe children under the age of 7 who do not have the motor skills or strength to operate the tool). This statement rings true especially for those who are using lighter and more powerful handheld power scrubbers like Skadu

But the question we are trying to answer with this blog isn’t exactly that. We’re trying to elaborate on who can benefit the most from using power scrubbers in general. Who needs it the most? Who are the people who actually use it to solve their problems and not just to make cleaning easier? Let’s find out.

Who Needs a Power Scrubber?

Elderly People

Elderly people living independently have a varied number of health problems, and cleaning up just adds on to the pile of issues they have to deal with on a regular basis. A power scrubber like Skadu not only makes it easier for them to clean up multiple surfaces, appliances and utensils around the house, but it also gives them the relief they need from spending hours doing their daily chores. 

Power Scrubber Skadu Uses | Hyper Lychee

People Suffering from Arthritis

Arthritis isn’t something that just people who have gotten older experience. People in their late thirties or early forties can also have bone health issues like arthritis. Skadu and other power scrubbers eliminate the pain they experience while performing basic cleaning tasks around the house and make their lives a lot easier.

People Suffering from Osteoporosis 

Osteoporosis is probably the most common bone health concern in women. After reaching menopause, the hormonal changes and imbalances in the body cause bones to weaken in women. This leaves them more vulnerable to bone injuries and can also cause strain while doing intensive tasks like cleaning up around the house. A power scrubber can greatly reduce the amount of effort that goes into cleaning and help women by making cleaning easier. 

Power Scrubber Skadu Uses | Hyper Lychee

People with Injuries 

Injuries can have a way of impacting your daily life, especially if they are severe and take longer to heal. You can use the Skadu power scrubber to help ease the strain you have on your joints when you are doing dishes. Power scrubbers with multiple attachments, like Skadu has, can allow you to clean up surfaces, gadgets and appliances all around the house so you have to put in minimal effort to keep your house clean while you recover. 

People with Chronic Back Problems

If you have chronic back problems, you are already straining yourself every time you clean up around the house. Instead of adding to your pain, a power scrubber provides an easy way out. You can avoid putting additional strain on your back by reducing the time it takes to clean, and a power scrubber does exactly that. 

Power Scrubber Skadu Uses | Hyper Lychee

People with Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s is a degenerative disease that affects the functioning in your nervous system. You get tremors that impact your mobility, which can affect your cleaning process. Instead of struggling with maintaining a clean home, you can give yourself the agency to do it yourself with easy to use tools like electric power scrubbers, and other autonomous motor tools like the Roomba which vacuum your house.

Your house is your safe space, a sacred area that belongs to you. You want to make the effort to keep it clean because it can impact your mental as well as physical health. A multi-purpose power scrubber can prove to be especially helpful for those who are in need of an additional helping hand while cleaning, making it a great investment for your home.